Last lunch of 2022

Last Friday, December 16, we enjoyed our last lunch of the year 2022.

We have other meetings during the year, but the last one always makes us especially excited, we suppose it will be the magic of Christmas, and having loaded the “Christmas lot” in the trunk of the car, which includes our long-awaited ham 🙂

We wanted to share with those who read our news… Our star dish… The incredible performance of the new additions, who, as is tradition, delighted us with their verse/carol, “Arre Arre Escuderiano”, and their fresh and fun outfit.


En Rubí hemos encontrado una empresa muy moderna
Que se llama Escuder y nos hace hacer poemas.

La vergüenza que pasamos va a tener su recompensa
porque esta gran familia nos ha abierto sus puertas.


Arre Escuderianos, arre arre arre,
Reenvasar deprisa que llegamos tarde
Arre Escuderianos, vamos a correr
Que si no pedidos no van a tener.



For all those who don’t know, Escuder lore says; that the new additions of the year have to surprise the veterans with a verse for Christmas.

We all find one more moment to share, recognize, thank and celebrate in a special way in this last meeting of the year!



Biollagen Escuder

Biollagen TM

Biollagen de Jland, un ingrediente vegano que imita las funciones esenciales del colágeno humano tipo III y adecuado para formular cosmética vegana.