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Jland Biotech, new represented brand

Vegan cosmetics, a growing trend

The report “Consumer Products and Retail: How sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences”, produced by Capgemini Research Institute, shows that 79% of consumers are changing their purchasing preferences based on criteria of social responsibility, inclusivity or environmental impact.

This indicates that vegan cosmetics is a growing trend that responds to the demands of a public that is increasingly aware of and committed to the planet and animals.

At Escuder we have added to our portfolio the range of ingredients from Jland Biotech, a company dedicated to the development and production of Biollagen TM, an ingredient suitable for formulating vegan cosmetics that mimics the essential functions of human collagen type III.

Jland Biotech is registered with The Vegan Society, which guarantees that its ingredients are not of animal origin and are not tested on animals. If you want to know more about Biolallen TM visit our blog.