in-cosmetics global 2023

At Escuder we never miss the opportunity to exhibit at in-cosmetics whenever the event is in Barcelona.

We love to share our ideas and innovations, collaborate on new projects and meet again to hear your comments that allow us to improve every day.

incosmetics 23 Escuder

The most popular topics of conversation at our stand were: Respect for the environment, Clean Beauty, cosmetic biotechnology, sun protection…

Not forgetting our stand!

A circular stand that represented our differential value in 5 photographs;

The service

We are available, with a personalised 24/48 h delivery service, due to the fact that 70% of our portfolio is in stock.


We provide clear and honest technical guidance.

“Focus on you”

The well-being of the people at the centre.

Repackaging “on time”

We repackage to measure safely in our clean rooms.

We have multiple packaging formats that adapt to the required production volume, allowing you to save time, money and effort.

On trend

We seek continuous improvement in order to respond to any market need.

Finally, we wanted to highlight the great reception we had at the Tecnical Seminar by Lannie from Jaka Biotech, about Solarepare MB, a new natural and COSMOS ingredient for the repair and defence of UVB damage (Erythema).

Thank you very much for sharing with us!

Your presence has been fundamental for in-cosmetics Barcelona to be a success!


Biollagen Escuder

Biollagen TM

Biollagen de Jland, un ingrediente vegano que imita las funciones esenciales del colágeno humano tipo III y adecuado para formular cosmética vegana.