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Jaka, new brand represented

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Biotechnology at the service of natural ingredients

The cosmetics industry is undergoing a business transformation to achieve a more sustainable future. Currently, R&D teams search for the perfect ingredient for any cosmetic product, focusing on proven efficacy, without neglecting that the extraction has followed conscious production models.

At Escuder we have assumed our share of responsibility in this process, opting to represent JAKA, a new manufacturer based in Shanghai that provides us with a portfolio of ingredients and active ingredients of natural origin for skin and hair care, extracted with biotechnology. sustainable.


JAKA focuses its R&D on highly effective exclusive active ingredients, extracted from Asian plants. This offers us clear competitive advantages over traditional ingredients. In addition, it focuses on responding to recurring problems, seeking a different action from the conventional attacking the root of the problem.

Its production model is based on three concepts “Efficient + natural + Sustainable”. In September 2022, it will inaugurate its new smart garden that will integrate unmanned automatic research and production with technologically advanced production equipment.

Global Patents
efficacy test
COSMOS certificates

In 2018, the group received the title of high-tech enterprise from the Shanghai government. It has 57 global patents and various research centers where it carries out 70 of its own efficacy test models, without forgetting its cerfified ingredients.