Cosmetorium 2023

Cosmetorium is an event we look forward to every year! We are delighted to meet, dialogue and share concerns about cosmetic regulations, trends and innovations.

This interaction enriches our perspectives and motivates us to keep working. 🌟

Cosmetorium Escuder
Cosmetorium Escuder

This year, we created a stand decoration in line with our corporate identity, where both the wall and the floor became a reflection of symmetrical shapes that brought our furniture to life.

Escuder Cosmetorium

Although one of our visitors described it as our flag, the inspiration behind this design comes from a moving pallet truck with an empty pallet.

The materials used in the construction of the stand, both the wall and the furniture, will be reused, managed and certified by our partner to give them a second life in line with our #EscuderReduce project, which aims to reduce environmental impact by promoting more sustainable practices.

In this edition of Cosmetorium, the main focus was on “luminosity”. So our colleague Patricia Espuig, who holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer, had the opportunity to present us, within the TechFocus programme, her talk entitled “What light does to our skin (and how to avoid it)”.

During her presentation, Patricia shared user-friendly concepts such as “lightening,” “whitening,” and “brightening,” as well as the ingredients and strategies that make it possible to achieve the radiant, even and healthy skin we all desire.

Our ingredient collections focused on three key areas: “Hair nutrition,” “Wellbeing,” and “Vegan cosmetics.” We particularly highlighted Biollagen TM, a collagen alternative ideal for vegan cosmetic formulations, in line with the growing demand for environmentally friendly products. 🌿

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the time to visit us at Cosmetorium.

Your presence is invaluable to us.

We look forward to continuing to share knowledge and inspiration at future meetings.

See you soon!