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Change visual identity

You may have already noticed. Today we look a little different.


We needed to beat collectively in tune with our identity, which shapes who we are; An exciting, authentic, different, natural and, ultimately, unique and conscious brand.

Evolución logo Escuder
Evolution logos

Now our identity is built on the basis of a philosophy, a logo, a symbology and corporate colors that seek to capture the authenticity of our values ​​at all times.

"It's more than just a logo"​

Our goal was to create a new logo that was both a visual system and a good reflection of our portfolio, now and in the future.

That is why it is made up of the name of our company, accompanied by an logo that symbolizes the “E” for Escuder and 3 leaves that represent the units of our business: Food, Cosmetics and Pharma.

Logo Escuder

Our colors

Our corporate colors are green and orange. Green has always been our most identifying color and orange was the color of the cardboard packages where we supplied raw materials in 1896. Now, both main colors are complemented by another colour, navy blue, which aims to harmonize the brand and its contrast. 

According to Kandisky:


  • Green represents health, well-being, freshness, harmony, sustainability and reliability.
  • Orange represents joy, enthusiasm, passion, strength and energy.
  • Navy blue represents honesty, protection and stability.


In addition, we have incorporated a complementary color palette for each business unit, which aims to give strength and distinction to our brand, reinforcing that organic, ecological and familiar touch, but at the same time innovative and modern.


  • Food; orange red, teal blue, light green
  • Cosmetics; mustard, deep pink, dark green
  • Pharma; beige, cyan blue, spring green