Carnival 2024

Togetherness, creativity and fun

This year, our Carnival took a special twist, reflecting the essence of what unites us: creativity, camaraderie and a shared desire to create a working environment full of joy and mutual appreciation.

With two competitions, individual and group, we opened up spaces for everyone to express themselves, whether alone or in a team, celebrating the diversity and originality that everyone brings to the table.

Abuelas Escuder Carnaval
Barbie playa Escuder

A day to remember

From early morning, our spaces were filled with colour and life, displaying a wide range of costumes ranging from the nostalgia of Barbies; with the beach Barbie, winter Barbie and veterinary Barbie, to the adventure of Indiana Jones, without forgetting the ingenious representations of grandmothers, UFOs, priests, and even fairy tale characters such as the Mad Hat.

Recognition of originality and effort

The individual contest gave us the opportunity to admire the detail and care put into each costume, with “Eighties Barbie” taking the honours for her faithful recreation full of charm and detail. On a group level, “Singing in the Shower” reminded us of the importance of collaboration and good humour, winning everyone’s hearts with their originality and team spirit.

Sharing moments, building memories

Carnaval reminds us of the importance of sticking together, reinforcing the idea that we are more than colleagues; we are a family, committed to wellbeing and shared happiness.

See you next year, ready to continue this tradition of unconditional love and support.

Ovni Escuder_ Carmaval 2024
cura Escuder