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Discover, try and renew together with Symlife®


In order for you to offer a superior product to your customers with high quality, “clean label”, good Nutri-Score™ value, high nutritional value and incredible taste… Symrise has developed the Symlife® portfolio, a toolbox full of of solutions!


Within the Symlife® portfolio you will find multiple alternatives to renew your products in HEALTHY, NUTRITIVE and very DELICIOUS.

All Symlife® solutions focus on optimizing the “clean label” labeling and the Nutri-Score™ values of the product, improving its nutritional quality without sacrificing the authentic flavor that sets it apart. In addition, it aims to help you develop new recipes that have a sensation softer in the mouth, with less fat, salt, sugar or that you can combine several solutions at the same time.

Creates/balances the perception of salty taste

Creates/balances the perception of sweetness

Improved perception without adding monosodium glutamate or yeast.

It balances the protein notes, creating juiciness and a meaty base note.

Hides unappetizing notes such as bitterness and acidity

Improved mouthfeel to make it palatable

Examples of success with our Symlife toolbox:

  • Flavor improvement in vegetable protein products and food supplements where we manage to mask and optimize bitter and astringent notes.
  • 30% reduction in sugar in cookies.
  • Taste balance (Frankfurt flavor) in vegan Frankfurt, pea-based.
  • Reduction of salt and sugar in tomato sauces.