Carnaval 2023

Too much fun!

Last Friday, we celebrated one of the days marked in red on our work calendar: The Carnival costume contest!

Creativity and planning!

In our contest there are practically no rules, we all give free rein to our imagination with a maximum group of 3 classmates.

Emotion and interaction!

When we arrived in the morning, we spent very pleasant moments watching a performance, like that of our costumer service colleagues, the “Super Babes”.

While you may be thinking it’s all about dressing up, there’s a lot more to it than that: you have to stand up for your costume!

A little coke? -Marketing
No one is bitter about a sweet… and even more so if they are Escuder’s gummy! – Technical Department
And if we switch roles? you from me and I from you? – Finance
Authentic cowboys straight out of a western movie – Commercial
A Smurf Village – Warehouse

At mid-morning the group photo arrived and the most awaited moment of all: the vote!

The score was very close, but finally won the performance “The sinking of the Titanic colliding with an iceberg”, which had special effects to make it even more dramatic.

The winners explained to us; That this 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s Titanic film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Congratulations to our winners! colleagues from the Purchasing department, Lidia and María who will enjoy a delicious breakfast as a prize.


Biollagen Escuder

Biollagen TM

Biollagen de Jland, un ingrediente vegano que imita las funciones esenciales del colágeno humano tipo III y adecuado para formular cosmética vegana.