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Biollagen TM


In our ongoing commitment to enrich our portfolio with innovative ingredients that promote sustainability, we present Biollagen by Jland, a vegan ingredient that mimics the essential functions of human collagen type III.

Suitable to formulate cosmetics vegan

Biollagen TM Escuder

Biollagen stands out for its performance, proving to be approximately 200 times more effective than conventional collagen extracted from animals. This achievement is due to a manufacturing process that combines fermentation and freeze-drying biotechnology derived from Pichia Pastoris yeast, allowing the production of a high quality vegan polypeptide that is allergy-free, Cruelty Free and HALAL compliant.

Available in two formats:
  • Biollagen GAE, a 1% solution in water and glycerine.”To formulate”
  • Biollagen FQ3/6/7 balls, spheres for “ready to use” dissolution.

Once these spheres are dissolved in water or tonic, they can be applied directly to the skin, providing deep hydration that is quickly absorbed.

The benefits of Biollagen are palpable and proven, ranging from promoting “well ageing” and “anti-ageing”, to moisturising and firming effects, as well as being used in hair products.

It also stimulates cell repair and growth, and is recognised for its ability to soothe the skin and reduce redness, supported by 2 clinical studies.

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